Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I admit I'm a fan!!!!!

I just finished reading the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer!!!!!!!!
I was at a yard sale a few weeks back and saw the first book, twilight. I thought hey it's only a quarter, why not read it and find out what the hype was about.
Was I surprised! Okay, so that was the first book, which once I started reading I literally could not put down! I finished the first one in a day, then I thought oh no, I can't just stop here, I have to find out what happens next..............I started asking my 14 year old son if his friends (girls he knows) have any of these books I could borrow. He looked at me and said "what, not you too mom, all the girls at my school talk about is Edward and Bella". I must admit I was a bit embarrassed, here I am a 42 year old thinking about vampires, have I lost my mind? I got over that pretty quickly as soon as I started the next book. So needless to say I am a huge fan and I am proud to admit it! So I say go on give them a read, I think you will be a huge fan too!


cindy said...

Accckkk! I know! I picked up the first one at Wally and was instantly hooked! It's a pretty decent read. Funny huh? The third one was really good too!

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gina said...

well your not the only mom who is addicted I too read all 4 books non stop (9 days) and then my daughter read all 4 of them. and while I was reading the second one I was talking to my niece because she was also reading them and her mom was so inthralled by our desire, she read all 4. and of course we have seen the movie quite a few times. Nov. is too long before the next movie but we will just have to wait.

gina said...

Hey Gina I have tagged you come by and see. it will be fun.