Monday, July 28, 2008

Barn Sale Fun

I went with my friend Denise to La Maison Rustique Barn Sale Friday, she has some jewelry there that she sells. I took some pictures to share. It's always fun to see how creative people are !

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home is where the heart is painting

This is my latest creation.

So I just came across of a flyer of my old house (when we sold it)...and it struck me how cute it was and that I never really apprieciated it. I had worked so hard decorating it...going to yard sales and barn sales buying and painting furniture, sewing slip covers. I never took the time to reflect and just be in the moment. Okay so I am rambling.

So now I've been in my current house for 3 years, My style has changed alot. I have one room that we like to call the "ballet studio" which is just an empty room with wood floors. I find that I am getting that ichy feeling of wanting to decorate this is my dream room...maybe one day! Not sure what site I got this from but I do like all the colors it's very whimsical. I would say that my style isn't shabby chic it's more or less a combination of styles.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm finally on Etsy!

OMG, did it really take me that long ? Yes it did!!!! What, you may ask. Well, I finally listed a few of my paintings on Etsy. I am such a procrastinator, but I finally did it, so please check it out. I just finished another painting she is an 8x10 and I really enjoyed working on her.

On another note, does anyone watch "so you think you can dance"? I just love the show...what about Katee and Will last night. They danced to David Arculeta's Imagine. It was absolutely amazing!! If you have not seen it yet you can probably you tube it, it's worth a look!

I am working on another painting, I will post when I'm done. Bye for now.

p.s. Sorry about the quality of my pictures, I think I need a new camera.

Friday, July 11, 2008

New art to share

Hi everyone,

Well I have been working on a couple pieces. I am going to put them on Esty in the next few days. Boy, since being home I just get doing so many things and all of a sudden the day is over and I haven't worked on anything. On a different note I just recently got an Ipod ( wow they are so cool!)...and so I downloaded some of my favs from the 80's....I have been a dancing fool!!LOL Boy, those were the I sound old? Okay so I loved Wham! (the secrets out)


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Baby

Here's one of the signs I made, just messing around.

I just had to share the pictures of my new Nephew! The first picture is my daughter Zoe holding Justin. He is so tiny and precious! Don't you just love the little sounds they make? My daughter always asks why don't we have another baby........well I tell her my baby making days are over!!

Anyway, we are going away to the beach for the holiday, so when I get back I will put my crafty hat on and get busy and share some of the stuff I am making. Happy 4th of July everyone!! Please be safe!!!