Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's been way too long.....

Hello, again it seems like forever since I've blogged and I guess it has been!! Well summer is almost on it's way out and fall is just around the corner, although here in Temecula is feels like summer is just beginning!

I have had a rough couple months, but things are getting better.

I signed up for the goddess and the poet workshop with the very talented Suzi Blu, and finished another mermaid painting for my daughter who turned 9.

Here are a few photos,

My studio
Zoe's birthday
Luke & Zoe


Lisa said...

Hi Gina, Really cute site! I'm happy that you are doing something you love!! Hope things are well for you and the family! Think about you often! Love, Lisa

Diane said...

Look how grown up your kids are getting, so cute. :)

Anonymous said...

hello gina, i just bought two of your pieces this weekend . i love them. so did all my friends. i think you talked to my friend laura on sat night. i would love to see more of your work. i like the mother daughter one. will have anymore on etsy soon?