Sunday, June 29, 2008

Well Hello again. Here is one of the projects I am working on. She is almost done, I want to add beeswax to the painting.....and that's where my problem is. I tried it on one painting and it came out okay, but I can't seem to get the consistency right. Maybe some nice person could help me figure it out? Anyone? I would be so thankful!!!! On a another note my brother and his wife are visiting. They just had a baby May 7th. Little Justin Thomas who is adorable, I just want to eat him up! I will take some pictures and share them because of course being a proud auntie I think his is the most beautiful little boy! Well have a wonderful day!


hopetreestudio said...

Hello Your gal looks very pretty. Denise

Sue said...

Welcome to blogging! Love your project you are working on. No clue about the bee's wax but some one may be able to help.

Diane said...

Did you paint that cute girl,Gina?
She looks like you. :-)
She's amazing!

Joy@The Vintage Rabbit said...

Hi Gina...welcome to blogland... You will meet so many fabulous gals!! I enjoyed meeting you at the barn...we'll have to go to lunch sometime with denise!!
Smiles, Joy

Maija said...

Hi Gina! Denise sent me over to say hi! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!