Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Baby

Here's one of the signs I made, just messing around.

I just had to share the pictures of my new Nephew! The first picture is my daughter Zoe holding Justin. He is so tiny and precious! Don't you just love the little sounds they make? My daughter always asks why don't we have another baby........well I tell her my baby making days are over!!

Anyway, we are going away to the beach for the holiday, so when I get back I will put my crafty hat on and get busy and share some of the stuff I am making. Happy 4th of July everyone!! Please be safe!!!


Runspud said...

Your "too cute" sign is almost as cute your daughter and nephew! Happy 4th!

Diane said...

Oh my Gosh, Zoe is so cute. I have not seen a photo of her since I think she was two. I also can't believe that Eddie is a Daddy!! Oh were does the time go? He has beautiful baby!