Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's Grey's Anatomy night!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited, tonight is the new season of Grey's Anatomy! I hope that Merideth and Derek a.k.a Dr. McDreamy work it out, but as television drama would have it I'm sure there will be a snag and we will have to wait the whole season for them to get it right. Oh well, it will be fun to watch. Are you a Grey's fan too?

I also finished another painting, I have all these paper dolls I've made and no canvases for them so I need to get busy and paint......!!!!!! Well here is my latest "Girl on Swing" Wow, I really got creative with that title. I hope you all have a blessed day ! Thanks for stopping by.

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Diane said...

I watched Greys too!! Love that show. ;)