Friday, July 11, 2008

New art to share

Hi everyone,

Well I have been working on a couple pieces. I am going to put them on Esty in the next few days. Boy, since being home I just get doing so many things and all of a sudden the day is over and I haven't worked on anything. On a different note I just recently got an Ipod ( wow they are so cool!)...and so I downloaded some of my favs from the 80's....I have been a dancing fool!!LOL Boy, those were the I sound old? Okay so I loved Wham! (the secrets out)



Joy @ The Vintage Rabbit said...

TRES Fab!! You are going to do so well on etsy!!

Smiles, Joy~

Diane said...

Love your artwork Gina! So, what songs did you download? Every Friday night is retro dance mix night on a local radio sation here, it brings me right back to the good old dance club days. :-)