Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm finally on Etsy!

OMG, did it really take me that long ? Yes it did!!!! What, you may ask. Well, I finally listed a few of my paintings on Etsy. I am such a procrastinator, but I finally did it, so please check it out. I just finished another painting she is an 8x10 and I really enjoyed working on her.

On another note, does anyone watch "so you think you can dance"? I just love the show...what about Katee and Will last night. They danced to David Arculeta's Imagine. It was absolutely amazing!! If you have not seen it yet you can probably you tube it, it's worth a look!

I am working on another painting, I will post when I'm done. Bye for now.

p.s. Sorry about the quality of my pictures, I think I need a new camera.

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Diane said...

send me your link to Esty.